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Shari Miller

Thank you for visiting my site. This fundraising event is something I support because it gives children with autism a place where they can gain CONFIDENCE, make CONNECTIONS and have a COMMUNITY. This place is The Kennedy Center Autism Project.

For over ten years, The Autism Project has provided quality, comprehensive programs to over 500 families. With little state funding, they rely on fundraisers and donations to meet the growing needs of the children and families they serve while keeping the costs affordable.

Your donation today will allow them to continue to do what they do best - helping children with autism and their families SUCCEED. Together we can make a difference!

Best - Shari


raised of $100 goal

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1. Samantha Schatz
2. WENDI H Rickman
Run like the wind!!!!
3. Meredith Cohen
We love you cousin Sammi!
4. Aunt Helene and Uncle Mitch
For the amazing progress being made. Lets keep it going! We love all of you.
5. Lynn Kaban
Good luck!!!
6. Jonathan Broth

Team 27